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Chali 2na

The Tuna fish that descended from Lake Michigan
Aug 17, 2015
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I mean i dont think its all that different now, when we were competing it was just really Arsenal and Manchester United competing for the title, then a few other teams who may get close but a little group competing for the European places, us, Chelsea, Liverpool, Villa and West Ham i think were up there then, Newcastle and Sunderland i think made an appearance 1 season i think, Spurs were no where near , think they were about 10th and below most seasons. Its still similar to how it was imo, the top 2 were pretty much the same each season then a little group gathered below them.

I can assure you that it's very different from a financial perspective - which, based on the above is something which you may not have grasped yet:

In in the 03/04 season, Leeds' last year in the Premier League, the average revenue per club was £66.3m. Based on figures from the 16/17 season, the total revenue for PL clubs was £4.5bn, which equates to an average revenue per club of £225m. That's an increase of 239%.

What's more alarming for a club who are trying to break into the top 4, is the extent in which the big clubs have strengthened their positions: Deloitte's money league for the 03/04 season showed 4 English teams in the global top 10:

Manchester United €259.4m
Chelsea €217.5m
Arsenal €174.1m
Liverpool €140.2m

In their latest rankings, the elite clubs can be seen to have massively increased their revenues:

Manchester United €666.0m
Manchester City €568.4
Liverpool €513.7m
Chelsea €505.7m
Arsenal €439.2m
Tottenham Hotspur €428.3

It's also worth pointing out that both Manchester City and Tottenham have now moved into the top 10 globally. To put this in perspective for the supporter of a prospective PL club like Leeds, even if they managed to boost their finances to be on par with other "large" PL clubs such as Newcastle and West Ham (Who both have a revenue of around €200m) they would need to more than double it to break level with the lowest earner in the top 6, making a top 4 place even less likely from a financial perspective.

2) The London thing is a big pull i agree, although no guarantee moving into a new ground will do them much good, didnt do Arsenal much good, they i think are still paying it off now and have had comparatively little success since.

Arsenal are less succesful on the pitch since they moved from Highbury, but you could argue that is down to a combination of poor direction and increased competition, as their move to the Emirates has been a massive boost financially speaking.

Arsenal's match-day income has gone from $57m a year to $130m a year in the 10 years after leaving Highbury. (2006-2016)

3) I havent forgotten Mendes but he can only help Wolves so much, and that relationship could go wrong at any time (something very dodgy going on there). Mendes has no loyalty to Wolves, they are a means to an end, if a better opportunity arises for his clients then they will leave Wolves at the drop of a hat.

Neither of us know how long the Wolves/Mendes relationship will last, but what we can be certain of is that it's been of massive benefit to Wolves and shows no sign of stopping thus far.

4) It is and for players to apparently, i think it was Gary Neville who mentioned how the North wasn't as attractive to players and what not, probably right. We have direction now, its finance we lack, if there was a way of getting both then that'd be great. In the past there are quite a few instances of our owners screwing us over, Ken Bates is reported to have doubled the price when a very rich consortium approached him years ago, the Red Bull stuff was genuine but apparently MC scared them of to, our books were in such a mess. So allegedly we can attract the sort of investors you would hope for ( Radz has also said he has turned down a double your money offer) but it needs agreement on all sides, that has been our issue. You've got a member of the Saudi Royal Family as owner haven't you? Should be minted.

Do you have direction though? The stratergy since Andrea Radrizzani took over has certainly improved performances on the pitch, but is it enough to contemplate breaking the top 4 in the PL? I have my reservations, as you no doubt can tell.

And being a member of the Saudi royal family doesn't count for a great deal: There are apparently 15,000 members of the royal famlily, not all of whom share the nation's wealth. According to reports, our prince is worth an estimated £110m - a great deal of money to me, but relatively modest in football terms.

5) Highly improbably in the short term, but in the long term, i think its possible i really do, it would need a lot of things to be right, right owners, right managers, right players etc, but if someone can get that right then i have hope. But its a pipe dream as of now and years and years away at the very least.

I think it's highly improbable no matter which way you look at it, and that's for any team outside the top 6. As I said earlier; not impossible and Leeds stand a better chance than many, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
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