Coventry or Luton to join us in the Premier League

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Coventry or Luton

  • Coventry

    Votes: 41 23.3%
  • Luton

    Votes: 135 76.7%

  • Total voters
Good luck to Luton but I can not see them staying up next season. But...that is why they play the game

Luton will not spend stupid, they will happily take the money and run and secure the clubs long term future with it.. So you’d expect they would be in the bottom three, so we have to better two other teams. We have a chance I reckon 🙌
Big thing for Luton is are they going to get the stadium improvements done to meet PL requirements in time for start of next season or will they be seeing if they can reverse the the first few home fixtures until done like what Blackpool did when came up
Congratulations to Luton. What a job Edwards has done there. Watford making 2 really suspect managerial decisions this season!

Cov assistant manager grassed on the swearing section other year. So theres your karma you fat twat.
One of my best mates is a Cov fan, the other is a Hatters fan. They don't know each other. I feel two faced when I'm saying "good luck, hope you do better than we tend to", to both of them!

I don't have a preference. I think Luton would be harder for us, next season, I think they could survive. They're also facing good backing, new ground due by 2026. They could really push on. Head also says they'll have too much and be too good for Cov today.

Cov on the other hand play some lovely stuff, and deserve some success after years of nonsense and mismanagement for their fans to deal with. I live not far from there too and the buzz locally has been great for the local community, so there's that too.

Either way, I think it'll be a very well matched final, with two unfancied sides.
I'm in the same position but the other mate is a Watford fan haven't spoken to cov lad yet , but the expletives coming out of Watford are disgusting 🤣🤣🥰🤣🥰🤣
Coventry were fucked in the penalty shootout, as they were too far away to chuck the tennis balls into the penalty area when Luton were taking their kicks.
Luton deserve it. Shame to have another tiny southern club in the PL though

Also a shame that Kyle McFadzean couldn't complete a remarkable journey. Real sliding doors moment for him there. That chance won't come again
Edwards a manager who we have not managed to beat yet.

I like the way Luton went about their football.
You are going to love this
Luton will get pumped all over more than we did in the wilder relegation year

I’m glad it was them much better for us next year
I can't believe I've read a few United fans saying Luton will do as well or better than us next season! Not a chance! Berge and Ndiaye are better than anyone they have and in the PL whilst they'll compete they won't get more than around 20 points is my prediction. Might be wrong but I would much rather our squad than there's.

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