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Aug 2, 2016
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Morning all.
Decided to join in a bit more. Though not likely to be a prolific contributor I’m sure I’ll add the odd useful/useless comment now and again.

Born & bred Blade.
First visit to The Lane aged 4 in 1972, still have the “replica” Umbro shirt, from Archers, with No:3 on the back….though it’s a bit snug these days.

Brought up in Matlock in an age where the local favourites, Derby, also happened to be rather prominent at the time….hence, I’ve never really warmed to them as there was only really me & my brother (since a lapsed Blade) who followed Utd at our school.
Have taken great satisfaction in later life thinking back to how quickly they all changed allegiance to Liverpool when The Rams returned to mediocrity, and I’m still incredibly proud of the fact I’ve never wavered.
Never really brought up with any W********ites so I don’t have the intense dislike that some do although, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I particularly like about them.
Favourites…..Manager: Bassett
Player: Edwards
Season: 81/82
Match: Darlington or Forest (missed Leicester & have regretted it ever since)

Still a ST holder on The Kop and have made some good mates through being a Blade.
Don’t get all the “Bigger Blade” debate, there are some that are a lot more committed than others and fair do’s to you that are.
We’ve all suffered watching Utd however long we’ve been going regardless of Board, Management or Players and yet we all still believe that one day our time will come……..although I’m kind of thinking mine will first !

Anyway, look forward to chatting with some of you lot and trying to make the odd worthwhile contribution.



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Aug 8, 2006
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Sunny S8
Welcome to the madhouse... be sure to wipe your feet on the way in.

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