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Following on from a successful public test from January onwards last season (with thanks to those forum members who gave feedback), this summer we’ve been working on our Player Ratings System, adding some features and making it solid enough to be happy with a “stable” release which will be live from the beginning of the 2013/2014 season.

On Friday night, shortly after the new season’s opening fixture with Notts County, the lineup will appear and users will be able to log their player ratings and leave their comments on the game.

[fulltitle]What is it?[/fulltitle]

The Player Ratings application is a community orientated system with the intention of collecting and compiling Blades fans opinions on the performance of players (and the manager) throughout the current season and future seasons.

Allowing for a score out of ten to be given to all players who have participated in a fixture, with a wider contribution the ratings arrived at should be more specific and accurate to the average opinions of the collective fan base, rather than the thoughts of an individual supporter or journalist.

The more match attending Sheffield United fans that vote, the more “accurate” to the crowd wide feelings the rating becomes.

Ratings will be logged throughout the season, with graphs of ratings levels and statistics generated “on the fly” from the votes received.

Ratings will be closed at a pre-determined point after the fixture, with the system automatically selecting a “Man of the Match” from the average rating of all votes.


We could have just gone with a historical record of results and fixtures, but that in itself just gives you the raw facts rather than the fans interpretation of the match and how the individuals played. We like to be different and we like to involve our members!

Along with the usual forum discussions, the results of the system allow exiled supporters or those not attending a fixture to quickly gain the thoughts of those who have been to the match.

Over time, beginning this season, the intention is to build a continual archive of results, ratings and player profiles accessible to supporters and the general public.

[fulltitle]Get involved![/fulltitle]

We all have our own individual opinions, that’s what makes football such an interesting sport, so why not share your thoughts with us?

If you aren’t a forum member, why not register today? We’d love to have you involved in discussions and to be able to fully use the ratings system and extra features we offer.

If you’re already an S24su forum member, simply click the “Ratings” link towards the top of the forum…

…you’ll be taken the the fixtures and results landing page, from here you can see the Blades’ results so far this season and the fixtures to come.

Clicking on one of the fixtures will take you to the player ratings for that match and, if ratings are open for that match, will allow you to log your personal rating of the individuals involved in the fixture, including the manager for those keen to concentrate on tactics etc.

Just click on the star rating you wish to give to each individual (marks out of 10).

Martin Fox

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