About Us

So what’s all this about then?

S24SU.com is an unofficial fansite owned, run and funded by supporters of Sheffield United Football Club.

We bring you a busy discussion forum with Blades fans (and a few well behaved opposition fans) from all over the world, along with updates from matches, news, competitions and a random collection of all things Sheffield United.

We are our own entity and have no official links with Sheffield United FC, Sheffield United PLC or any online football network. We believe this allows us to bring you the views of the fans on the stands with no ulterior motive or agenda.

The views expressed on this site are the opinion of the contributing members and do not necessarily represent the views of Sheffield United FC, Sheffield United PLC or this site as a whole.

How long has the site been online?

We’ve been online a number of years under our previous name of Sheff-Utd.co.uk

Thanks to the various conversations along the lines of “Sheff… no not chef… hypen… yeah, that line that goes in the middle… united… but that’s Yoo Tee Dee…” we decided a rebrand was in order.

We are now known as S24SU.com – the postcode of Bramall Lane – and maintain the site, forum, Facebook and Twitter feeds to keep you up to date with the Blades, no matter where in the world you are.

I’ve seen you around somewhere…

In our time, our contributors and members have featured in AOL’s Football Blog List, The Times and The Star as well as interviews on Talksport, Five Live, Radio Sheffield and Look North. It’s not a rumour we want spreading, but we do get about a bit.

I want to shamelessly rip off some of your content, is that ok?

We’ll consider every request on its merits. Please email postbag@s24su.com with details of how you would like to use our material and we’ll get right back to you.

I’m a Polish Centre-Forward and I’d like a trial at Bramall Lane…

No matter how many emails you send to our addresses, we wont get you a trial at Sheffield United. If you’re any good, please contact the club directly. If you’re actually shit, we can point you in the direction of a club not too far away…