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Oct 14, 2016
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I had to steer clear of this place after yesterday’s result, disappointing result but these sorts of score lines happen in the prem... even to the big boys. We’re low on confidence and desperately trying to find form after a nightmare run of fixtures, don’t underestimate what low confidence can do to a team. Its the first time we’ve been here under Wilder and it’s something we’re not used to.

I’m still 100% behind Chris, I’d rather give him a new contract than consider bringing in someone new. Do we honestly think he’s lost it? Just look at his record... Halifax, Oxford, Northampton it goes back nearly 20 years, who can match that?

The results will come and confidence too, fingers crossed sooner rather than later. We might not get enough points to stay up and if we don’t I’d want Chris onboard next season to try and bounce back. I desperately hope we look at the likes of Burnley when they backed Sean Dyche after relegation.

We’re playing in the most competitive league in world football without the backing of our fans which makes a huge difference for teams like ours, every game is like a neutral venue at present which helps the big boys more than anyone else. Don’t forget who we are, one successful season doesn’t change our club, we’re still a club up against it in the biggest league in the world.

Keep the faith no matter what, carry on regardless. UTB

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