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  1. S

    Is anyone able to sell me some vintage SUFC shirts size large??

    Is anyone able to sell me either of these shirts in a size large or medium? Specifically: The away shirt 1994-1995-Umbro The home shirt 1995-1996- Avec Happy to pay quite a lot, would be very much appreciated as I have been on the search for a long time. UTB
  2. Porirua-Blade

    Football Town - The Blades

    Anyone else look around for Blades related clothes since we went up? An online company called Football Town make shirts with "suspiciously similar" logos to many big football clubs from around the world - just seen this one come up in their "Coming Soon" section! I'm a bit old to get away with...
  3. B

    No more club shop discount with ST

    Just been to blades shop for some birthday presents and apparently there's no more 10% discount with season tickets . Young girl behind counter told me we are going to get a one of 20% voucher valid until Christmas any one any thoughts ithought if getting a full kit it's not all bad
  4. Barney

    CONFIRMED 2019/2020 Kit Mega Thread

    Cos international break. Who's ITK this year?
  5. GaryHamsonsLeftBootLace

    Best Championship Kits - East Anglian Daily Times

    Here's the East Anglian Daily Times' league table of Championship kits. Funny how Fulham's is number one, despite it being identical to our 3rd kit... We're 5th btw.
  6. S

    Looking to buy old kits

    Does anyone have the 2014/2015 away kit (adidas black) or the 2012/2013 away kit (macron black and orange) in a size large? I'm looking to buy these to complete my collection.
  7. Blade_down_under

    Possible Kit?

    It would make sense with the release at the airport? My guess the airport could do with increased advertising to compete with other local ones e.g. Leeds, Manchester, East Midlands. Also this kit design is in the new adidas range. Thoughts?

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