Excuses Wearing Thin

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John Street West Terrace

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Apr 23, 2017
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Well after watching that shower of shit today some questions have to be asked , we’re just over a third of a way into the season and we’re heading in the wrong direction with very little signs of improvement.
Not interested in the media’s hype about that on paper with Slavs CV and inherited squad we should pushing the top end of the table , results & tables say where exactly where we are , when reality bites were nearer the arse end of the table than rubbing shoulders with the promotion contenders .
Yes I know these players aren’t his acquisitions & yes I know he had very little of a pre-season to put his way of playing across, but we are now 17 games in , yet week in week out pissing goals in against bang average organised teams in downward trajectory without any signs of improvement.
Never mind ppl saying we’re x amount of points away from the play offs in recent weeks we need be looking over our shoulders .
For all the debate about Wilders 352 with these players that brought us success in 4 out of 5 seasons & ultimately fizzled out last season in the top flight vs Slavs in the front foot approach , his 4 at the back with 2 sitting midfielders isn't working , it’s only comeup trumps against poorer sides and the rinse & repeat approach is getting us nowhere .
There’s a lot of games between now & the January window , not that I think is gonna bring us a massive change in direction as the owner has said the cash is spoke for ( whether you choose to believe that or not only the accounts will offer up the truth on that one ) , I don’t see the population of the top 2 divisions banging our door down making offers on our ‘talent’ & I see our only saleable asset as Berge ( if fit ) Slevs not gonna be clearing the decks until contracts expire & unless the owner is gonna back him we’re gonna be in a flat spin .
Slav I know these are’nt your boys but FFS pick a side/ formation to get a result even if it’s following * your predecessors until your in a position to bring your players in , at present were a soft touch for the opposition and looking like we’re square pegs in round holes & we need to arrest these results quickly .
Starting to get concerned ⚔️

UTB ⚔️
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Gaini Blade

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Mar 4, 2021
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Following last season I never thought for one moment we would be pushing for promotion. This was underlined by a missed opportunity of a transfer window. Best case scenario was always going to be mid table obscurity.

Disagree about Berge being a saleable asset but we fell for Klopp's sleight of hand so perhaps someone equallly gullible might fall for ours.

Can't fault Billy and Bash for their commitment and newcomers MGW and Ndiaye have shown flashes of brilliance. Other than that...

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