Wilder leaving would set the club back years......

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Feb 19, 2018
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But without the momentum of just being promoted. This team is going to be on its arse going into next season.

less than 12 months ago I was getting ridiculed for suggesting a terrific first season back at this level was more due to this same 'momentum', than the quality of the squad.....

How times change.

winx blade

Jul 15, 2019
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Although I agree I think last few years have got to his head and he’s been a bit stubborn with his ways sometimes


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Jun 18, 2015
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There’s no reason wilder can’t learn from this season is there? He’s going through something difficult, I see no reason he can’t come out a better and wiser manager for the Experience.

The players are still playing for him for the most part, we are still at least getting effort out of them. And with some luck this season it would have been a relegation dog fight, not a complete abomination.

PlayStation manager time - but I hope he’s learned some lessons about widening his scouting network and puts the infrastructure in place to do so. The signings haven’t been great so hopefully given another window I hope we at least explore the idea of some young foreign players. At least their fees are likely to be proportionally less than the likes of Brewster / Ramsdale givi is more bites at the apple if they aren’t as good as anticipated

hopefully he’ll see we can’t just rely on an excellent defence and need to get some difference makers. I hope if we went up again he would see we can’t just rely on hard work, as when it breaks down there is nothing left without a few match winners.


The Great Grumbleduke
Aug 6, 2005
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Would it? Wilder seems to be doing a great job unravelling where he has got us to at the moment.
Sep 21, 2020
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.....And would more likely result in back to back relegations, than a relatively sharp return to the top flight.

I'm aware it sounds defeatist, the reality is, it's just realistic. There's not enough goals in this side to win the amount of games required to stay in this league, winning half the remaining games may not even be enough, and that's not going to happen anyway.

Wilder is unfortunate enough to be a victim of his own success. Had this been 12 months ago, it would have been more 'expected', and therefore more accepted. An exceptional league finish, which when examined more closely cannot be considered 'lucky', but certainly an over-achievement, has really damaged Wilder's reputation with Blades fans......But not those outside the club.

Why do fans of a Premier League Club, which fields the likes of Mcgoldrick, Fleck, Stevens, Basham, Norwood etc, expect better than the current league position?
The answer - Chris Wilder.

I did find it astounding time and time again last season when I was told that these Sheffield United players, specifically the likes of Norwood and Fleck, were 'Good Premier League players'.
I also seem to recall someone saying that Lundstrum, as a result of his contract situation, would likely be snapped up by the likes of Everton or West Ham.

I'm sorry, but not 1 player in that squad tonight, "Walks into" any side in this league.....Currently.
There's an argument that some of the better players, like Egan, could maybe get into Fulham's defence for example.....But given the way Parker has been setting them up, i'm not sure he's mobile enough to do so.

Wilder knows these players aren't good enough. Just read his comments again tonight.....

"The same players that played with that momentum and belief from last year are not doing it this year. Nothing has really changed, the league hasn't changed, Everton haven't really changed but our team has in terms of the lack of quality we are showing this year.
Good, experienced players who have played at this level for a season are not sticking their hand up and making my job easier."

The transfer policy is clearly the correct one, long term.
One exceptional season, or you could argue 2 if you include the promotion itself, just shows Wilder is ahead of schedule really.

The Club doesn't have the infrastructure in place to compete at this level currently, that's just the reality.
Assets in Ramsdale, Berge, Brewster, Lowe, Bogle, Mcburnie, Burke and the extra money from these 2 seasons and the club is a million miles ahead of where it was after promotion.

There really does need to be some support for Wilder added very soon though. The club needs to hire people with knowledge of foreign transfer markets, hiring only players from this country doesn't work in the modern game.
I'm sorry but that's all codswallop

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